Motion Contents Platform

CULTURIT was created to popularize fusion contents in line with the growth of the VR/AR market and the fourth industrial revolution by utilizing motion recognition technology. Along with AI motion camera technology, wearable hardware equipped with motion sensor, we are making the contents as a platform that users can enjoy easily and fun.

Our Services

Shadow Fit
It is an online personal training solution that allows anyone to learn the movements of specialist easily and fun anytime, anywhere using real-time motion tracking technology. Start with the first Global content "DANCE"!! It can be extended to various fields requiring movement training such as Dancing, yoga, rehabilitation, golf, etc.
Motion Acappella
It is not a performance that matches the music set, but a performance of a new paradigm that produces sound and music in real time with the movement of performers. It was named "Motion Acappella" with the motto "Movement makes music." We are developing an environment (hardware, software) so that not only performers on stage but also anyone can enjoy drums and guitars freely with contents that can be enjoyed as easily as games.

Whatever your needs, we're looking forward to hearing from you